{Blog Tour Review} The 27 Club by Kim Karr

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{Blog Tour Review} The 27 Club by Kim Karr

{Blog Tour Review} The 27 Club by Kim Karr The 27 Club by Kim Karr
on March 3rd, 2015
Format: eARC

You don’t know when…
You don’t get to choose if…
When it’s time to join…you’ll know.

You might think you want to be a member—but trust me this is one club you don’t want to join. It’s not a place where people go to live out their deepest, darkest sexual desires—there are no handcuffs or blindfolds.

The 27 Club only admits those who die young and tragically. My brother was recently bestowed membership and joined many of our ancestors before him. I know I’m next. This is my destiny, and I was ready to yield.

But then I met Nate. He awakened a sensuality in me that had never been explored, never satisfied. I knew then I could no longer accept my destiny. Nate’s presence controls me. I’m overwhelmed by his touch, his words; my every thought is consumed by desire. I believe he was brought into my life for a reason.

Nate doesn’t believe in destiny.

But I do.

And if there’s a way to cheat it—I must.


If history had a plan, if destiny had a path, would you stop living in fear of one age? The 27 Club by Kim Karr fanatical screamed for me to pick it up on on my kindle and who am I to deny a book standing all white knighted going READ ME NOW. The allure of well-known author Kim Karr and the synopsis had me intrigued, so in a mountain of evil by the genius writer Kim, I started reading at what was probably around 8pm at night, and to skip to 2:30am my eyes were still glued my screen. The 27 Club was awe-possessing in its flawless emotion, mysterious legend and pivotal bounds of character that made me breathe and live through the characters emotions.

Beginning in kind of a skeptical yet intriguing way the narrative fans to three character perspectives within the first 1-3 chapters. Call me intrigued I was hooked. The narrative’s primary heart was Zoe, having recently lost her brother she sets of to Miami to settle her brothers business. Walking into a wave of Zach’s rained truths, Zoe unravels secrets and deceit in the lines of her visit. The holder of hope is Nate, Zach’s best friend and an undeniable magnetic boil of chemistry develops. Nate has plenty hidden fears and foes of covert clandestine secrets; involving Zoe’s brothers life, his own hearted pain and none included Zoe falling asleep on his bed. Leading a number of mysteries is the title The 27 Club; a destined number that relatives have died aged 27. Destiny, fate, control bind the breathless passion of Zoe and Nate as a bind of emotion and physical yearning from near and distances holds them together.

The narrative honours the draw of raw pain after a loved one passes. Questions are deemed to power the ins and outs of the novel as Nate’s past and the traumatic journey that they both face deeply effects their inner intertwined hearts. The foundation of love and destiny blew the story to dimensions far greater than heart, with the future held in heart, the bones of the raw pain on the surface and the sense of every recoiled emotion  embedded within the characters, the expressionist form of The 27 Club  is bigger than you can imagine.

The vivid and tender heart of the unbroken love and chemistry built within in The 27 Club was captivating and made me well with tears at times. Pure and simple, I would highly recommend Zoe and Nate’s story. This is certainly a top read and is on my list of favourite romances to date.


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