Hi, I’m Tash, an avid book reader and creative mind with her own little oasis in the book community right here at Book Lit Love. 
In every waking day reading impacts what I do, whether it be what audio book I read, what book I recommend, where I read the latest news in the book community; staying connected and giving readers the opportunity to find new releases is what I enjoy doing.


My iPad is attached to my hip for a better sense, with a stacking pile of books as taller than the Eiffle tower, Book Lit Love promotes traditional and self-published authors. All reviews on Book Lit Love are solely done by myself and are of personal opinion. 

I read diversely; however prominent in the New Adult and Romance contemporary section. With the likings of so many authors, the talent comes from all across the world and I share it to the best I can.

I love discussing my interest and love for books with a vast range of readers and we can all swoon together of the love, hate, shock and passion we have for book.

Make sure to follow my blog and keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected].

Lets dive in and #oneclick some reads now! x

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