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Who is Jay? Who is a Jaybird? Who are the More-munity?

So I am a part of a pretty awesome group. We are called Jaybirds. We are apart of the More-munity. So… let me explain if you’re lost.
Jay McLean is a wonderful and amazing author in Australia, where I live. She created this brilliant and phenomonal series that currently consists of 3 released books, one upcoming release and maybe more in the future? I am very fortunate to have had a chance to meet Jay at IADU (totally funny how I saw Jay and was a chicken and didn’t say Hi at first) and have been following her from the very beginning. A jaybird is the elite team members of More series lovers and also just all round lovers of Jay. We are more than a community, we have become friends and that’s why Jay is awesome because her books have created more than just words on a page. In case you haven’t heard of Jay or need to catch up on the series the links are below  my interview with Jake Andrew, main character in More Than This.

Team Jake


Setting – Post More Than This ending. Interview with a lead journalist at a major sporting newspaper.

Jake, so you’re a pretty “BIG DEAL,” well at least so I’m told. Wanna tell us why that is?
I don’t consider myself a big deal. That hype came from other people.

Some may call you a big shot and that you have everything. That wasn’t always the case was it? What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt through your past experiences and getting to where you are now?
To stay grounded. I think at one point I lost myself and my morals. My family moved countries so I had a better shot of making it to where I am today. I remind myself on the daily that all of this—it could be gone instantly, but my family, my friends, they’ll always be there.

Obviously I don’t know your backstory and your girl is looking at us with oodles of love that could make a puppy drool. How does it feel to break the ice and finally be in a wonderful place?
It feels amazing. A kid my age can’t ask for much more.

Diversity within our players is what we love. I have to say your accent strides me to a backstory, care to share how an Aussie Accent makes it’s way to the USA and pro ball?
It definitely confuses people a little. A lot of people think that I was born and raised there and moved here for college ball, but that’s not the case. I think my dad being such a huge fan of the sport definitely helped me growing up.

Let’s take about your relationship with Micky for a second. You look at her with so much heart and support. Has it always been that way, can it be safe to say you More than Like her?
It’s more than safe. I love her with every piece of me. It wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t by my side through it all.

So you got the girl through all of the upheavals and roadblocks you have faced. If there was one thing to future upcoming players about relationships and friendships that you could teach and demonstrate it’s importance. What would it be?
To be able to separate the true ones from the fakes, and to hold on to the ones you know will be there when the rest of it fades away. If I get injured tomorrow and give it all up, I’m certain of the people that will be there supporting me, regardless.

So back to Baseball after all this lovey dovey chit-chat. Has your perspective of the game changed since growing up and going to college?
I kind of geared myself up for the hype of college ball. I knew what it was going to be like and I expected the best and the worst. It’s definitely different to high school ball, but in a good way. The only thing is that the training, the travel, the game time—it takes away time from my girl. She comes with me when possible, but her schedule makes it impossible sometimes.

Lucky last question because I know that cocky grin of yours hasn’t left your girl. Your strength in everything and how far you have come, who is responsible for the man you are today? An honorable good guy, whose priorities are in check. Is it Micky? Your friends? Family?
To be honest, it was my family. Their support is never-ending, and I wouldn’t be here without them. Although, now, Kayla’s the one the keeps me together, stops me from falling apart. Especially those nights when the pressure and exhaustion can get a little much.

A million hearts to Jay for letting me Interview Jake and all <3 It was a blast. x



In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.

One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*

He was right. It made no difference whether it was 6 months or 6 years.
I couldn’t undo what had been done. I couldn’t change the future.
I couldn’t even predict it.
It was one night.
One night when everything changed.
It was so much more than just the betrayal.
It was the Tragedy.
The Deaths.
The Murders.
But it was also that feeling.
The feeling of falling.



“For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.”

For every choice you make there are rewards,
or there are consequences.
It was my choice to walk away the first time.
And my choice to chase her the second.
But sometimes you don’t get a choice,
and all you get are the consequences.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Unless that someone is Logan Matthews.
Because loving him didn’t give me
the strength to walk away.
It didn’t give me
the courage to fight for him.
And when it was over,
all it gave me was a broken heart



“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

We live in a world of darkness and shadows,
where monsters hide and aim to ruin.
And they did.
They ruined us and turned our dreams into nightmares.
But now we’re back.
And we’re fighting.
Not just for us, or for each other, but for our light.


12THJULY14- More Than Forever by Jay McLean

There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured.
A heart so strong it will never slow.
There is a promise so sure it can never lie.
He promised me that love forever.
Even when it wasn’t enough.

Forever. Everlasting. Eternal.
There is no measure of time.
No sounds of the ticking of a clock.
Just the rising and falling of the sun.
And our own sense of forever.

But our forever isn’t always.



1f8b60e16add0a82390bbb.L._V351006076_Jay McLean is the author of the More Series, including More Than This, More Than Her, More Than Him and soon to be released, More Than Forever. She also has two standalones coming soon titled The Road, and Combative.

Jay is an avid reader, writer, and most of all, procrastinator. When she’s not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her two little boys, or devouring some tacky reality TV show.

She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her smile, make her hurt, and make her feel.

You can follow Jay on Instagram and twitter @jaymcleanauthor. You can also find her on her blog at where you can subscribe to her newsletter and get teasers and updates first hand, her Facebook page at or her fan group on Facebook at, or you can contact Jay directly at [email protected]



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