*BOOK REVIEW* Illicit Desire – Kasey Millstead

Today’s review is ‘Illicit Desire’ by home grown Aussie talent Kasey Millstead.



Beau Diesel…He was my “one”. My one that I would sacrifice everything for. My one that I wanted to be with until I took my final breath. My one that completed me.

I wanted him. I needed him. But he was off limits. I knew this, but the risk of consequences didn’t outweigh the depth of my desire.

So, I fought for our love.

But, I wasn’t Beau’s “one”.

So, he fought against our love.

He fought so hard, eventually I had to give up. I had to admit defeat.

But, that’s the thing about love – when you’re down and out, true love wins. It prevails…and it raises you up.

**This is a stand alone novel, with a happy ever after**

GOODREADS LINK:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19638690-illicit-desire


The line between life and death, right and wrong can sometimes get clouded. In Illicit Desire by Kasey Millstead I descended into reading an exquisite narrative of passion, love, risk and what is seen as right and wrong.

Beau Diesel. Oh Beau.

The passion that ignites between Harlow and Beau in the sexually erotic read left me hot and bothered at times. The narrative follows what happens when a loved ones life is cut short and you have to evaluate what is important in life. Illicit Desire brought passion, fire and the risk of whether to let your feelings take control into a beautiful written piece.  Beau’s nickname for Harlow of “Duchess” is so sweet, it made it all the more romantic to read. I loved how Kasey created such an endearing father and daughter relationship within the narrative.

 The character I most related to was Harlow. I think in the sense because I have the endearing relationship with my father I cherished the interaction between Harlow and her father and could relate. The story did keep me guessing in the turns and revelations that Kasey mustered up exploring Beau’s background and the emotions that come from love and building a relationship. The tense scenes were gripping, the sad scenes made me want to grab a million tissues but there was so much emotion guided by Kasey’s writing.  This book is a standalone so it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, because by god if it did, I would have gone crazy.

Overall, I absolutely loved Illicit Desire it was a beautiful written poetic piece of writing that explores so many aspects of emotions and the risks of right and wrong.  The journey that Kasey takes the reader on is an emotional and gripping one, I gave Illicit Desire a 4-Lit Love because it was emotional, raw in honesty and had me turning the page till the very end.

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